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DJ Adonis "Sounds Like Fun!" Contact info:
cell: 340.690.0338

If you are looking for a professional DJ to assure your wedding reception or event is a successful party, you've come to the right place! With his passion for music and his expertise at entertaining, DJ Adonis truly understands how to get people on the dance floor. Weddings are about celebrating love, joy, and family, and what better way to do that than through music and dance.

With so many details to finalize before your wedding day, hiring DJ Adonis will ease your stresses about your reception music! He will work with you to get to know your personalities and help create a meaningful reception that will be the soundtrack for your inspiration and memories.

When you hire a talented DJ, the details of your reception will run smoothly having an MC keep your guests informed and enjoying their evening. DJ Adonis does an incredible job being attentive to your wishes and your guests' requests throughout your planning process as well as during your reception. Having a wide range of knowledge in the music industry as well as a library of tunes to fulfill all of your desires, DJ Adonis has the skills necessary to multitask through your reception with ease, grace, style, and energy that will be contagious and unforgettable for years to come!



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  3. Hi Benihalk
    I'm a DJ in the Virgin Islands and I do travel between islands but primarily DJ weddings in St John USVI. I've had many requests to do events in the US mainland however I've not made that transition. Please feel free to email me to discuss further.

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